Informations about flowers

Cornflower ( Centaurea Cyanus ) , Alem : Plantaezellikle located in Central Europe with purple flowers leafy plant species .

Section : Magnoliophyta

Class: Magnoliopsita

Team: Asterales

Family: Astraceae

Type: Centaurea

Cornflower ( Centaurea Cyanus ), especially in Central Europe, a plant that flowers in blue, purple -leaved species. Plant 40-90 cm in length. Protosiyanin blue color is due to pigment . Poland’s official flower of European culture and folklore of the knapweed is important.
Bonsai is also known as flower bonsay . The Meaning of the Japanese ‘ bon ‘ flowerpot ‘ sai ‘ tree is composed of words . Shortening of roots , branches and shoots stunted trees grown in pots with a variety of binding and formatting copy . Blossom bonsai in Japan ‘ Saiken ‘, which gave rise to the art of highland landscape .
The most important type genus of the family with five begonyagiller ( 600 species ), the begonia , South America and South Asia ‘s self grows in tropical regions . Bireşeyli flowering shrubs or small fleshy -leaved begonias asymmetric herbaceous plants. There are three types of horticultural Begonia : fibrous rooted and small flowering begonias ( Begonia origin Birezilya va semperflorens one of them in Europe or XIX. Century came . ); Europe ‘ yad ha entered late and a lot of very nice, very large flowered begonia hybrid varieties for deriving the tuber begonias : both Asian and American origin, finally , colorfully decorated with large leaves and root shank begonias . In our country , all three begonia , it is used as an ornamental plant in gardens and in the halls is grown .
bamboo BLOSSOM
Divided into more than two hundred species of bamboos . Some scientists emit it as much as five hundred . Most of bamboo in Asia , while a large part in America , some in Africa , the sea surface 3000 m ( Himalaya ) , or even 5000 m ( Andes ) grows to a height . Bamboo , hollow body and a split node , the nodes on the leaf sheaths and ears between continuous or discontinuous, consisting of a minimum in the form of multi-branched panicle flowers. The largest bamboo species ( Cava in Gigantocloa growing maxima) makes 45 m in length . Almost all the bamboos , Southern Europe adapts to climate . Bamboos are grown in almost all the countries in the tropics today . China kçkenli the reeds , bamboo, Algeria also grown. Bamboos are grown and replicated root fragments . Bamboos are lightweight and durable but flexible bodies ( stems) , a ship mast and is used as a construction material . (China and Japan were some of the houses in the villages , all bamboo odunuyla . ) Cross- cut bamboo trunks , these vases , urns , trumpets made ​​. Tender shoots are eaten as a vegetable . Some types of bamboo pulp may very qualified . XVII. century. , the European ‘ or less the processing of imported bamboo trunks houses , terraces and gardens, light furniture was used . In Turkey XIX : yy . ‘ In the second half , the palace began to be grown in gardens today, a group of bamboo Beylerbeyi Palace ‘s garden. Bamboo can be grown in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions .
Firethorn BLOSSOM
Fire thorn Rosaceae ( Rosaceae ) family in Pyracantha , often thorny shrubs and evergreen is the common name given . The motherland of Europe’s south-eastern and Asian ‘ is . Showy fruit seedlings grown as an ornamental plant due to fire , as well as used as a fence . Leaves on short stems, small , oval leaves and small branches of white flowers to the middle of winter and the remaining clusters formed , are the fruits of colors ranging from red to orange . Europe also grows in length and 4.5 m to reach Pyracantha coccinea ‘s considered as an ornamental plant varieties have been developed. In China, almost the same size as P.fortuneana with P.atalantioides grows and is grouped into clusters of red berries of both . Taiwan is the homeland of P.koidzumii the common branches , red and purple shoots are orange-red berries . Himalayas P.crenulata grown in 6 m to a small tree Reaching lengths .

Poinsettias ( Euphorbia pulcherrima ) , has also been known as the Christmas star and Poinsettia . Euphorbiaceae ( Euphorbiaceae ) is an ornamental flowering plant that belongs to a family in the winter . The homeland of Mexico and Central America , humid , rainy grows on rocky slopes and stream beds . Poinsettia plant in Western languages ​​the name of the 19th century in Mexico from the United States to lead and promote the United States’ statesman Joel R. Poinsett ‘ den, in Turkey, in the name of the front foot as an ornamental plant cultivation and recognition of Ataturk ‘ is from . In temperate climates grow in the open air , and can reach a height of 5 m feature in the bush , these plants are grown in pots in cold climates typically 1 m length and do not exceed . Small yellow flowers that make up the cluster in the middle , like taçyaprağa usually red bürgülerle (leaf -like structures ) is surrounded . Milky sap leaking from the body and leaves the skin kabartıp may irritate some sensitive humans and animals , but it is only a belief in the way the sap is toxic enough to kill an exaggeration . Ataturk flower , pink, white , spotted and striped varieties of many cultures with auger , but the most favorite one , Atatürk , the red flower of an ornamental plant resistant .
snapdragon BLOSSOM
Snapdragon, yüksükotugiller ( Scrophulariaceae ) family , up to 40 herbaceous plant species in Antirrhinum flower with a name given to a type of joint . West of the motherland in North America and the Mediterranean region . And bilateral bakışımlıdır tubular flowers . Indoor plant , there are lip -shaped mouth wide . This is hampering the penetration of the mouth with so many insects , pollination by bees is a powerful force can be opened. Snapdragon popular types of garden plants. There are many types grown as an ornamental plant .
In folk medicine ağaçhatmiye (Hibiscus abelmoschus ) is the name given . Seeds of volatile oil is musky , in decoction is used as an appetizer and soothing .

acacia BLOSSOM
Generally, all green leafy and thorny tree or shrub ( Bil.a.acacia , legumes family) . Particularly in Australia (300 species) grows spontaneously in warm temperate and subtropical regions includes 600 species .
Istanbul acacia, western The Big House ( albizzia ) ornamental tree from their name. Acacia savannah , the common name for parkinsonian aculeata . In black locust ( Robinia pseudoacacia ) , locust tree is a name known among the public .
In many different formats, acacia flowers are usually yellow, sometimes white or red in color , spike , or in the form of round- head , a large number of male bodies and jagged . Fruit baklamsıdır . Leaves , in some feathery compound , in some , particularly in Australia petiole grows in most species is in the form green solid , and this greatly reduces the perspiration in them . Acacia heterophylla type that is a combination of all of these features . Many acacia species (most notably the A.decurrens , A.dealbat , A.baileyana , A.longifolia ) is grown as an ornamental plant in gardens .
‘ Kadıhindi ‘ is a substance called , in China and Burma in A.catechu ‘s wood were prepared by boiling in water . Sepelemesinde Kadıhindi leather , fabric dyeing and used in medicine . In some types of acacia , particularly A.arabica and A.senegal , the cell formed by the melting and the public ‘ gum arabic ‘ gives the name referred to a gum . Leather Technology acacia bark is rich in tannin, are used . Acacia Africa’s Sahel and Sudan – Sahel grown in some species ( A.albida and A.seyal ) leaves are eaten by animals and ruminants badıçları . Two acacia species ( A.sphaerocephala and A.fistula ) resides in ant communities .

azalea BLOSSOM
Or azalea azalea ( lat.azalea ; yun.adzeleos , dry, above) . Due to the highly acclaimed in various colors and abundant flowering flower type. Azalea ( Azalea ), also known as forest rose a little . ( Rhododendron indicum Bil.a. ; Echium family . )
Tulips ( Tulipa ) ( Persian) , Liliaceae ( Liliaceae ) family genus Tulipa grown as an ornamental plant with beautiful flowers forming , bulbous , the common name for herbaceous perennial plant species .
In order to understand the mood of a society , that society can be quite reasonable endeavors to look at . The period of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire , especially the love of tulips , a passion to become the most spectacular time is an issue that should be considered from a sociological perspective .
Love this flower feel towards the people and environment of the source of the palace , that period may be caused by internal and external conditions . Pasarofça agreement in the Ottoman Empire into Europe in the period of peace began to lose their land , lived as the Tulip Era . This is a huge waste of time around the sultan and the palace began in this period people are crushed under heavy taxes . The reason this period is called the Tulip Era in the new gardens, palaces, pavilions , equipped with tulips . Bunaldıkları war environment and the people around the palace , albeit a bit away from the beautiful environments, requests may be caused by this passion . Even the Grand Vizier Ibrahim Pasha tulip train their own hands .

Not only during the reign of the Ottoman Tulip Throwback , all periods of the Ottoman Empire remained gözdeliğini . Period Seljuk Turks from Anatolia to the Turks that came with the tulip has shed a different place . Leaving the Turkish spirit of tulip flowers in a different way to addressing an other very interesting reason . Both methods , both the name it was different .

Carnations Carnations ( garden karafil ) mutual , narrow , pointed leaves , thin -stemmed herbaceous plants node .

Individually or collectively at dalcık the flowers are white, pink or red in color. Each flower is one of the four screw yaprakçığıyla acetabulum is evident. Garden carnation is the most famous .

This backgammon cloves , half- ply , there are many varieties of variegated and fragrant . Perennial plant species these clove cut flowers are grown in greenhouses and in particular to obtain the reproduction of steel is provided. Fideyle garden varieties are often replicated and as a two-year or multi-year crops are grown. Country carnation ( dianthus plumarius ) often ending up like grass , very elegant crown fringed with small flowers and small leaves.

China, which is a two-year or annual clove cloves ( diantus sinensis ) is a flowering plant is very different . Two species of annual or perennial hairy clove , or a clove also known as Yusuf hüsnü ( diantus barbatus ) is a species of small flowers collectively handle the end of the umbrella .

Carnation flowers infusyon as an expectorant and cough suppressant syrup or used . Carnations mostly in the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere , particularly in plants grown in the Mediterranean basin . Type up to 80 more than 2000 kinds .

Chrysanthemum ( Chrysanthemum ) , or about 30 species of Chrysanthemum hosts connected to a genus of the family Asteraceae . Native in Asia and northeastern Europe .

Herbaceous , perennial plants Chyrsanthemum the species, approximately 50 to 150 cm high . Have large flower heads , savages, white, yellow or pink color indicates .

By the larvae of some Lepidoptera species consumed as food Chyrsanthemum types .


BC Even as early as the 15 th Century in China as a flowering plant sown a chrysanthemum . As an ancient Chinese city was named Chu- Hsien , which means ” chrysanthemum city ” is. Flowers to Japan probably A.D. 8 century was around . Adopted as the official seal of the Emperor blossom . The flower is celebrated in Japan and the ” Festival of Happiness ” is a festival called .

Flower West 17 century, was introduced. The origin of the name of the flower named by Carolus Linnaeus , Greek chrys – ( ” gold ” ) and the suffix – Anthemon ( ” flower ” ) is the word.

In some countries in Europe and Japan , chrysanthemums to symbolize death and therefore only used for funerals and put in graves . Flower in the United States is generally positive and cheerful .
Orchids are delicate, attractive beauty , exotic -looking flowers all over the world takes place at the beginning of the most precious flowers .

These flowers are long lasting and durable further enhances its value as cut flowers .

Contrary to popular belief, orchids grow in tropical regions . Spread all climates except South Pole are more than 20,000 varieties of orchids . There are a lot of type of orchid that grows in Anatolia and Cyprus , for example . Some of these ” Sahlepgiller ” recognized. Tubers of these plants are unique to our country sahlep powder is obtained.

Which is the subject of our article orchids grown in the tropical or semi- tropical climates and is used as an ornamental plant genera .

These orchids are not parasites , but most of the herbs that naturally live in the tree tops . ( Epiphytes )

It breeds in advanced countries floriculture , greenhouse conditions by providing suitable grown over the years . Even a very keen amateur greenhouse conditions with the facilities to prepare your own collections that have formed the rich live , this work by removing the purpose of being acquired hobby . We are simple citizens is able to grow orchids in the home plant, until recently, would not even mind . But recently, a current home conditions again starting from the west of the easiest orchids to grow hybrids have been produced or discovered . Observed are per step in big supermarkets and greenhouses on sale. Enthusiasts of this work have proliferated from day to day . This elegant dazzling beauty of flowers in the room ‘s appearance is no imagination ..

Orchids expects more interest in other plants . However, many of them home conditions are not difficult to keep alive . The important thing is to provide the most suitable environment by providing abundant flowers from opening .

Rose , an expression of love . Roses are known to man , love , magic , love and passion that symbolizes the hope of one of the first flowers . ” ROSE ” whose name means ” red ” color , which is very different from Latin rosa roses and latin word gelmektedir.Fakat the ” roses ” is called.

Rose to 3.5 million years ago, belongs to the first fossil records and inscriptions of the Sumerians in Iraq, this is the first roses geçmiştir.Bilinen ” damask ” roses were called , and the ancient Egyptian graves .

Built in 1867 for the first time the methods hibridleme Modern Roses .

Classification of botanists throughout history have made 200 varieties of roses .

Nebukednazar own palace used as a decorative roses .

” Persia “, the fragrance of roses in many different colors representing different meanings geliştirmiştir.Çok oil vardır.Ayrıca hibridleme methods nowadays many different shapes and colors made ​​of roses .

Over 10,000 roses are produced by hibridleme and generally referred to by the name of the person producing it first rose .

Gallicas , damasks , Albas , Centifolias , Mosses , Chinas , Portlands , Bourbons , Teas, Hybrid Noisettes Perpetuals and modern classic rose varieties . Produced and generally referred to by the name of the place or person . Veaslidir more fragrant old roses, modern roses . A very old roses perfumes are preferred.

Magnolia, manolyagiller ( Magnoliaceae ) family genus Magnolia is an evergreen and deciduous woody plant species that make up the common name .

Fringe have root structure . Not too thick . Young shoots , buds and fruit aggregate form often covered with rust-colored hairs . Is highly fractured . As we get older cracks . Brown. Blunt or slightly pointed tip , resulting in a wedge-shaped bottom side .

Species of Magnolia course area is quite narrow. Eastern North America , Central America, the West Indies , and includes the East and South East Asia . Today, many types of magnolia , and any increased amount of time , a large part of North America , Europe, Australia and New Zealand can be found as ornamental tree . Type the name , Montpillier ( a city in the South of France ) with French botanist Pierre is Mognal’dan .

Monolyaların species are considered to be primitive . Before bees appeared on spread , flowers pollinated by beetles insects provided the incentive . As a result , magnolia flowers, female reproductive organs ( carpel ) and frictional zaralarından eschew the thought of eating insects M.acuminata of fossilized species 20 million years ago was found on .

Magnolia, Mississippi and Luzyana’nın the official state flower. The abundance of flowers of Mississippi “Magnolia State ” nickname was reflected in the name . Magnolia is also the official state flower of the Mississippi .
menekse yetişebilmekle in many parts of the world but mostly in the northern hemisphere grows. Also grown in Hawaii and Southeast Asia .

Purple , menekşegiller ( violacea ) on the Viola family, the type of plant species that make up the common name often grown in pots . There are 400 to 500 species . In many parts of the world with the most yetişebilmekle grows in the northern hemisphere . Also grown in Hawaii and Southeast Asia . In nature, bright, but it grows in the shade and in moist areas .

Generally, violet type can be long-lasting , and sometimes live at term . The leaves are reminiscent of the shape of the heart and irregular , asymmetric ( skewed ) has flowers . A distinctive feature of the species in this genus violet flowers . Flowers, the color is usually the name of the flower is violet . However, blue, yellow , white, pink or multi-colored types that are available. Very abundant blooms , bloom can be seen during the entire spring and summer .

Purple flower, ornament olaray salad or used to flavor fish dishes . Desserts , the souffle, cream, and this style is added to flavor dishes . Fresh leaves , raw , or cooked vegetables can be eaten as a meal . Flowers, leaves and roots are rich in vitamins A and C . Anthyocynanin contain a type of antioxidant .
Daisy , flowers between the months of May and August , 20-50 cm tall , fragrant perennial herbaceous plant.

Asteraceae ( Asteraceae ) , also known as Bileşikgiller , a class two Monocotyledonous plant family . Aster is a genus in the family can be the name of the type of flowers are star-shaped . Asteraceae , 1100 genera and more than 20,000 defined type, the second largest family in Magnoliophyta section . Only orkidegiller ( Orchidaceae ) family of about 25,000 species and more spacious defined .

This is the state of familyadaki all plants flower , flower head , so , this is a set composed of individual small flowers . These small flowers kömeç ( floret ) is called. In the family Asteraceae plants usually contain a combination of one or two kinds çiçekcikleri .

The status of these plants flower composite structure, the commemoration of taxonomists Compositae family that has led to this .
Hyacinth , Hyacinthus bulbous plants belonging to the genus of Liliaceae previously ( Liliaceae ) was accepted as a member of the family , which now has a new family Hyacinthaceae studied under .

Hyacinths homeland eastern Mediterranean region east to Iran and Turkmenistan are so distributed . Hyacinthus , symbolizes the rebirth of Greek mythology, is the youngest son of the king of Sparta .

Prophet of Islam . Muhammad ‘s ” Two nut bagel would exchange for one of the hyacinths , they nourish my soul . ” Witness says is avoided.
Camellia Asian descent , hard and all green leafy shrub or bush flower of a plant species . Camellia has large white flowers .

Pink, red flowers are the kamelyalarda . The leaves of camellia blossoms çanakyaprağı auger , the transformation of çanakyapraklarının katmerlenir taçyaprağa . These plants are resistant to the protection of the snow like acid soil .

Gazebos who want plenty of water plants. More than 1, up to 1.5 m grow. Some of the wide variety of wild species and cultivars have been obtained , especially from C.japonica .

C.chinensis , tea leaves and dried to obtain the thea sinensisle synonymous . Now well-known types of hybrid camellia camellia and noble .

Lily ( Lilium ) , Liliaceae ( Liliaceae ) Lilium genus of flowering plants in the name of seasonal breeding usually with onions .

Kingdom: Plantae (Plants )

Division: Magnoliophyta

( Angiosperms )

Class: Liliopsida

(A Monocotyledonous )

Team: Liliales

Family: Liliaceae

( Liliaceae )

genus : Lilium

There are around 110 plant species belonging to this genus Liliaceae Familia .

Often used as an ornamental plant garden, and some of the bulbous species of edible by humans . Lily lily species of this genus are the original , the name of the other plants in the lily , although they belong to other groups .
Daffodils ( Narcissus ) is the name given in terms of plant species . This plant sap increased up to 20-80 cm .

Petals, white or yellow daffodils in the form of mixtures of their homeland in Europe. Most of these plants are found in species richness in Spain and Portugal . But of course the entire Mediterranean coast , and even that is an extension of it to Japan is of the same latitude . Around the world in Europe, North America, is cultivated in the North African countries . Narcissus poeticus , Karaburun and Mordoğan’da grown in the Aegean Region in Turkey . Mordoğan , narcissus and is considered as the homeland .

Europe is the homeland of most of these plants species richness found in Spain and Portugal . But of course the entire Mediterranean coast , and even that is an extension of it to Japan is of the same latitude . Around the world in Europe, North America, is cultivated in the North African countries . Narcissus poeticus , Karaburun and Mordoğan’da grown in the Aegean Region in Turkey . Mordoğan , narcissus and is considered as the homeland .

Lamiaceae , fragrant herbs grown in pots . Ocimum’dur scientific name . Dwarf basil, grown in the countryside , pink, red or purple flowers, a fragrant plant. Basil is an herb -scented green leaves . Thyme leaves in spring and is used as a flavoring . Pests because of the smell is nowhere near over . Touching the leaves of odor . Enters into the composition of wound healing and nerve- soothing waters .
Kaktüsgiller ( Cactaceae ) , stems and leaves are fleshy bumps takes the form of a family of flowering plants .

Cactus, although generic name , kaktüsgiller family that bodies forming succulent and juicy with flattened leaves, takes the form of bumps is the common name given to all flowering plants .

Deserts and tropics are often widely distributed . Succulent bodies at the same time makes the task of assimilation .

Saguaro grow in the desert , is one of the largest cacti . Adults often reach 12 m in length , 15 meters in rare cases are transgressors .

Kaktüsgillerin needs very little water . bolsulu and do not want to rainy weather .

Cacti do not want a lot of precipitation and water plants. Usually grow in deserts and hot climates . Long and thick roots . These features, and the leaves are spiny , separates them from other plants . If well fed cactus is quite long and thick, width and length . Some cactus spines can be toxic , the skin goes down all the way because of the thin spines acıtırlar and converted into a very difficult .Regards

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